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When you require proficient administrations in an auspicious way, you can depend on us for predominant outcomes. Our popcorn roof removers will guarantee your activity is done well the first run through. On the off chance that you are searching for popcorn roof evacuation, at that point you’ve gone to the perfect place. At California Popcorn Removal Service Pros, our exceedingly experienced popcorn roof removers will furnish you with brilliant work you can rely upon. When you require proficient administrations at moderate costs you can depend on us for prevalent outcomes. We’ll be upbeat to kick a statement off for you and an expert popcorn roof remover will be in contact with you immediately.

Our popcorn roof removers will guarantee your activity is done well the first run through. In the event that you need the best popcorn roof expulsion at that point please entire our brisk online frame with every one of the subtle elements of your needs. We’ll be cheerful to kick a statement off for you and our popcorn roof removers will be in contact with you immediately. We anticipate helping you with all your popcorn roof evacuation needs.


Why Us:          

Are you thinking why you should choose us! What makes us unique and reliable when everyone is claiming to be the best in the market. Of course! You don’t want to waste your time by contacting some amateur! If that is the case, then here are some simple and as-a-matter-of-fact reasons for why to choose us.


Fast, Professional and Reliable

Our workers are fast, skillful and reliable when it comes to workmanship. They are professional and proficient enough to follow each single detail that ask them to do.


Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Having a popcorn ceiling is really handy since it absorbs sound to much extent. But such thing does not lasts long and very soon you will need to get rid of this ceiling due to the gradual appearance of holes and cracks in your walls or ceiling. For that you want someone expert and reliable craftsman that knows about the procedure of popcorn without distorting your room’s interior. Therefore, you need us because we offer trusty, responsive and reliable team in this regard.


We Have the Best Tools Around

Our skillful team utilizes the best and advance equipment that helps them to do their work proficiently without effecting your interior setting of the house while giving you taste of skilled and expert craftsmanship.


Years of Experience

Our team has years of experience in this regard and are focused enough to follow every single detail you give them. They work with full dedication and consideration until the customer is satisfied to the fullest.


Textured Ceilings

Are you sick of having bumped walls? Or maybe you want to add some change to your interior? Or the cracks and holes have started appearing, which of course gives an old and ugly look to your room? Do not worry! Since we are here to help you to get what you desire and need. Whether you want to give a plain and neat look to your walls and ceilings or what to give it some texture so to match it with your interior design, our team of specialists will get it done!


Free Quotes

We also offer free quotes because we believe that you have right to test our performance at first. Moreover, if you are satisfied then of course you will call us in the future as well. Therefore, our first and foremost priority is the satisfaction of our customers.


Our Services

We ensure that we always deliver guaranteed high quality performance. Here is the list of services that we offer along with some brief description:-


Residential and Commercial Popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn roofs, a once-prevalent inside plan decision, have now turned out to be not as much as alluring for some property holders. Sadly, numerous homes worked from the 1950s, through the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s have popcorn roofs. In the event that you wish to modernize your current home by having them expelled, the group at California Popcorn Removal Service Pros can help. Our accomplished group of experts gladly offer proficient popcorn roof expulsion administrations to enable you to get the inside outline to look you need—without all the issue.

On the off chance that you have that disturbing popcorn roof on your home or in your work place, and you’re prepared to dispose of it, call us. We are specialists at expelling the popcorn surface and putting on a cutting edge, delightful surface in its place. We can likewise deal with the expert painting for you sparing you time and guaranteeing a best quality wrap up.

Popcorn Removal and Finish

Taking off popcorn is a truly straightforward system, however it’s one you will need to confide in an expert group to deal with. Having the correct devices and an opportunity to do everything in one go are basic to playing out the activity right. In the event that you are searching for help with popcorn roof evacuation, at that point you’ve gone to the correct place. At California Popcorn Removal Service Pros, our exceptionally experienced popcorn roof masters have been working with popcorn roof evacuation administrations for various years, giving stunning outcomes. We give administrations to a wide range of popcorn roof expulsion needs, both of all shapes and sizes. Truth be told, our popcorn roof geniuses can help with a popcorn roof expulsion you could require. When you require proficient administrations in an opportune manner, working with a popcorn roof organization is dependably the best approach. Despite the fact that it might appear like an extremely basic activity, proficient administration ensures you’ll be content with our unrivaled outcomes.

Our popcorn roof experts can likewise help with both private and business popcorn roof evacuation administrations, guaranteeing your activity is done well, the first run through. On the off chance that you are searching for the best popcorn roof expulsion administrations, at that point please total our snappy online shape with every one of the subtle elements of your needs. We’ll be cheerful to kick a statement off for you and an expert popcorn roof star will be in contact with you soon. We anticipate catching wind of your popcorn roof expulsion needs. At that point, our specialists utilize a major scratching device to evacuate the popcorn in huge pieces. It’s the quickest, best route to another, enhanced roof!


Drywall Repair

Issues dependably creep up and, in the event that you don’t how to illuminate them, it very well may be fairly scary. Therefore, we consider that and we’re here to help; regardless of whether it be a paintwork, an entryway handle that won’t participate, or some drywall that requirements TLC, you can rely upon us. We are benevolent, reasonable and HONEST! We offer Quality work at an affordable cost. Get in touch with us to make your home what you’ve longed for.

We are not quite the same as other organizations since we speak with you one-on-one preceding each task. We contact you to ensure you feel certain about having our group finish a task in your home or business space. Not exclusively do we want to live up to your desires, however, we endeavor to surpass them in with our client benefit previously, amid and after each artistic creation venture we finish.


Knockdown Texture

A knockdown surface on dividers or roofs is a quick, simple approach to conceal blemishes or repairs. For an amateur, it’s more lenient than different surfaces. It likewise has a more unpretentious look than overwhelming “popcorn” surface. This surface can be created in light, medium (favored), or an overwhelming blend upon ask. Using it in roofs and dividers is a prudent method which will help enhance and change the look of your home from the old 60’s and 70’s appearance to a more state-of-the-art and contemporary look.

. It is a type of Drywall finishing style, a mottled surface, more exceptional than a straightforward level complete, yet less extraordinary than orange peel, or popcorn, surface. It is made by diluting joint compound to a soupy consistency. A trowel is then used to apply the joint compound. We California Popcorn Removal Service Pros offer a team of experts that work quickly and successfully so you don’t need to sit around idly or waste time without any reason.


Orange Peel Ceilings

Orange peel is a well-known surface system that makes a delicate, gently rough surface looks like an orange organic products peel. The little spaces are otherwise called ‘splatter surface’ and can extend from a progression of little blobs to a fine shower. Texturing walls and roofs is an untidy procedure. So to accomplish the best outcomes, consider enlisting an expert drywall contractual worker from California Popcorn Removal Service Pros because these are the things not to be done again and again.

We have a one-stop answer for everything without exception drywall. With over long periods of experience, we have the skill and the information to go up against any undertaking. We can deal with anything from dividers to roofs. Your fulfillment is our certification. We finish each undertaking to your desires and guarantee genuine and reasonable evaluating. Call us today!


Drywall Installation

Hanging a drywall isn’t a rocket science, however it will go quicker and look better. California Popcorn Removal Service Pros is famous for great drywall administrations. We are committed to giving predominant consumer loyalty so every single client is totally happy with the drywall work they get. There are a lot of jacks of all trades and drywall temporary workers out there, however, you’ll experience considerable difficulties finding an ideal mix of polished skill, and precision as we give. We take all drywall projects, whether huge or small, for both private and business clients.

We give a full scope of drywall administrations including hanging, establishment, mudding, taping, putting, drywall repair, and wrapping up. We have fabricated a strong notoriety for being the most tried and true, proficient, and moderate drywall organization in the region. So on the off chance that you need the best drywall benefits please try us out and we will deal with all your drywall needs. Simply round out our basic contact shape and we will hit you up quick with a free statement for our administrations.


Smooth Ceiling Finish

Our stucco group take pride in their work to ensure that your activity is done well and on time. Every region is secured and shielded start to finish to guarantee that residue from the sanding procedure does not leak all through your home. We have the learning and experience to make your roofs smooth and popcorn free. We likewise can furnish you with Crown forming, Pot Lights and Electrical, Drywall Repairs and considerably more! We do this in six steps

  • We take cleanliness and protection as important part of the job, therefore we take necessary steps to shield the area like closing the vents and covering the objects with waterproof water in order to prevent any dust that seeps out during our work.
  • Then we wet the ceiling to scrap the right amount and do the touch ups.
  • After scrapping we apply the right amount of plaster on the required parts because too much plaster can result in cracking of your ceiling.
  • Then we do the feather sanding by using the high grit paper.
  • We know that finishing touch is very important in this case therefore by using a high quality materials and paint we give the final touch to your ceiling.
  • After we are done with our work, we never leave the mess for our customers to clean. But we do it ourselves by using our Vacuum and tidy it making it look new once again and ready to use.

So don’t forget us to give us a call. All you have to submit your details, get your quote and we will be right there for you.


Commercial Popcorn Removal

Popcorn roof is a term identifying with a splash compose or paint compose acoustic treatment utilized in American homes of the 1970s. Its surface takes after curds and was particularly used to conceal ineffectively done connecting of the drywall. Since it additionally refuted all echoes, it is called by another name – acoustic roof. Be that as it may, when it was found out to contain asbestos and lead, it was relinquished in the 1970s. On the off chance that your house was worked in the 1970s, its opportunity you too went in for popcorn roof expulsion. What’s more, we are there to help you in this undertaking!

While despite everything you’re thinking about having the popcorn roof in your home expelled, set aside some opportunity to look at the rooms and check whether they have asbestos in the roof. On the off chance that indeed, call us – experts who will have it expelled expertly.

If it’s not too much trouble understand this is an expert employment and must be done just by a specialist, experienced in this. We will clearly utilize the most recent gear and innovation and give your roof a drywall wrap up. Just an expert can evacuate all the froth and residue from the roof and guarantee you that everything has in truth been expelled.

After the asbestos has been evacuated and the roof has a crisp layer of paint, guarantee that you avoid it with the goal that you don’t take in any of the chips of asbestos that are available noticeable all around.

As a property holder with an eye dependably on the financial plan, you may most likely imagine that you can undoubtedly achieve an expert employment of popcorn roof expulsion, similarly as an expert contractual worker can. In any case, stop! There are times when an expert is preferred at this over any other individual, either because of the multifaceted nature of the activity, or in light of the fact that you can’t give it the time it needs to complete flawlessly. Or then again maybe you have a physical incapacitate, which keeps you from doing it. Regardless, the best impact is dependably got by an expert.

Roofs can be evacuated by this technique when they start to look old and revolting with time. They start to blur when recolored by water and water drainage. With time, they go up against a terrible yellow tint, consequently giving an appalling look to the house. Since the roofs trap daylight, the rooms excessively look dim and dirty.

Contact us

If you are still wondering and confused about our services then write to us with your query and we will get back to you. .. We answer each and every query of yours and will clear all of your doubts if any left. So now what are you waiting for just contact us, submit your details and get your old and ugly looking house into a completely transformed, beautiful and new platform to create a long lasting impression and reputation in your friends and family.

Popcorn ceiling removal is a common practice nowadays all over the world and California has not been left behind. No wonder you will find your contractor ripping it off and scamming it. More and more people are replacing this type of ceiling with modern products. The most important thing is to get a contractor who will do an excellent job when it comes to  residential & commercial popcorn ceiling removal. We have the best contractors if you are looking for someone to do a great job. Make sure you don’t fall into the hands of fly by night companies and scam artists whose primary intention is to rip you off. The value of real estate gas been depressing and hence most property owners prefer to upgrade their buildings with inexpensive and easy interior renovations such as popcorn removal. Our team has all it takes to work on this project with the highest level of precision.

There are some things that you need to put into consideration when looking for the best popcorn removal expert in California. The demand for removing popcorns will continue to increase as a large number of property owners continue to upgrade their homes or premises. The truth of the matter is that popcorn ceilings are out of fashion and most people prefer to go for the knockdown texture over the popcorn.

The knockdown texture has a better look and has a higher returns on investment because popcorn removal is an inexpensive improvement that will bring an incremental value to your home. Before hiring a popcorn contractor in California, be sure to ask several questions to avoid getting scammed and ripped of your hard earned income.

However, you can be sure that you are in the safe hands when you decide to hire our services. We have been doing this work for a long period and thus have the right expertise to handle any kind of work. Our company also has the right equipment to handle any kind of residential & commercial popcorn ceiling removal.


Do You Have to Test for Lead in Your Building

This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask when you are looking for popcorn removal services. Most people wonder whether they have to worry about testing for lead in their homes. If you are dealing with a home that was built before 1978, then the answer is a ‘yes.’ However, there is no need to bother yourself with this if your house was built after this period. The state regulating authorities state that common renovation activities such as demolition, cutting, and sanding can create hazardous lead chips and dust through the distribution of lead-based paint and this can be harmful to both children and adults.

To cushion against this risk, EPA, on April 22nd, issued a rule that promotes the use of lead-safe practices among other actions that prevent lead poisoning. We are a law abiding company and will make sure that we comply to the end. The rule directs all contractors who are doing any painting, repair, and renovation projects that interfere lead based paints in offices, homes, schools, and children care facilities that were built before 1978 must follow specific work practices and must be certified to prevent contamination of lead. As a popcorn removal firm, we are very keen and will not expose you to any risk through non compliance with the law. For us, the most important thing is to make sure that you are secure with your family members. Our company has certified renovators who are fully trained by the EPA-approved training providers to comply with the lead-safe working practices. It’s a wise move to use certified contractors to handle all popcorn removal projects.


Can You Remove Popcorn Ceiling by Yourself So as to Save Money

The answer could be yes but you need to be very keen when taking this approach. You may save a few bucks by going for a DIY project but this may turn out to be a headache in the long run for several reasons. The first thing that you will need to understand is that this task is going to be tiresome. Remember you will be expected to have some special equipment, eye protection, and respirators just to name a few. Our company has all these equipment and you will not be expected to invest extra to get the desired services.

In most cases, homeowners don’t have the right expertise to handle the popcorn ceiling removal exercise. The task can end up consuming a lot of your time simply because you don’t have the desired skills. The worst bit is when your end up producing poor quality. It makes more economic sense to entrust this assignment to professional’s. We will take a limited time to handle this task but deliver exemplary results. The beauty of everything is that we charge very minimal costs for our services.

The other challenge of trying to handle the popcorn ceiling removal by yourself is that you can cause damage to the other areas of your home or office. Some of the parts that can be affected include your walls, floors, and furniture. It may even be more challenging if the popcorn ceiling had been painted.


Removing Popcorn Ceilings That are Painted

The truth of the matter is that the removal of painted popcorn ceiling is harder. It’s quite challenging to penetrate the paint with the use of water so as to thoroughly wet this material before disturbance. At this point, you will discover that the expertise of a professional contractor like us come in handy. We have all it takes to remove painted popcorn within no time.


How Will the House or Office Look After the residential & commercial popcorn ceiling removal?

You could be worried that your house will be in a total mess after this exercise. We cannot run away from the fact that removing popcorn is an inherently ‘messy’ task and the situation can be worse if you decide to handle the task by yourself. As professionals, we will always cover the entire working area before we embark on the task. Our contractors will cover all your vents, floors, carpets, and fixtures with plastic and tape. We aspire to make sure that the job does not have any adverse effects on your surfaces. As professional, residential & commercial popcorn ceiling removal experts, we will leave your surfaces spotless than they were before we begun the work. We thoroughly clean your area after the task so that it remains sparkling clean.


Will You Move All the Furniture From the House

Our residential & commercial popcorn ceiling removal experts will not expect you to remove all the furniture from the home. We will make sure that we give maximum protection to your belongings as we carry out the project. Our team will cover all your furniture, beds, TV’s and other household accessories. The most important thing is to protect them from any damage or dust. However, we may advice you to remove some of your ‘nick nacks’ like small electronics, and pictures. We analyze each situation before we advise you on what to do.


How Long Does Residential & Commercial Popcorn Ceiling Removal Take?

The amount of time that we take depends on the size and intensity of your task, the condition of your house or office, the ceiling height, and whether the rooms in question are furnished or empty. One thing you need to remember is that you will have to apply paint or knockdown after removing the popcorn. Its very hard to carry out such a task on your own. As professionals, we take the least time possible to work on this assignment. The most important thing is to make the right choice when choosing a popcorn ceiling removal company in California.


How to Tell A Good Popcorn Ceiling Removal Company in California

The most important thing is to do a lot of research when looking for a popcorn removal service in California. Ask your family members and friends whether they know of any reputable popcorn removal company in California. The company that you choose should have been in operation for several years. You also need to choose a brand that is insured, bonded, and licensed. A good company should also be registered with the California Better Business Bureau. Also look for the other certifications within your state and check whether the company complies. The good thing with hiring our services is that we comply with all the regulatory requirements. This means that we will always have your best interests at our heart. No wonder you will find most of our previous customers coming back or even referring their colleagues.

As a residential & commercial popcorn ceiling removal company, we are fully insured, bonded, and licensed. We are also registered with the Better Business Bureau in California and meet the ‘Lead Safe’ requirements. We offer the best quality services at the most affordable rates in the market. It can take us one or two days to work on your project depending on its size. Feel free to call us today and we will come at your service.